Architectural Ceramic Crown Molding

ceramic architectural crown molding 23*off white ceramic crown molding shelf3


New Crown ceramic shelves, call for particulars as we are just making these. Mark 703-408-4920

Tile picture to the right is Daltile arctic white 3x6 subway tile with my slightly off white crown molding shelves. I designed and made these, they can only be found here, no where else.

ceramic moldingtile design idea

Imported Ceramic Crown Molding

Colors & Sizes


Link to tile designs using ceramic crown shelves. If stacking for shampoo storage, wall opposite from shower head comfortably takes 3 shelves. Color is not a bright or arctic white but a warm white.

Standard 5 ft back wall application ideas and tile patterns.

bathroom tile shelves bathroom tile idea shower shelf

Quality ceramic matte white crown molding detail. Measures nominal 12" x 3" x 3". Holes in back to thinset better. Works as a great new waterproof shelving idea for you shower or bath. Store lots of shampoos, body wash and soap. Also use as a decoration rail in your shower area, display ceramics, glass art or your rubber ducky collection. The ceramic crown molding is finished on both ends can be cut slowly on the straight or 45.


Crown molding shelf across back of shower wall.

ceramiccrownshampooshelves*tiled shower

7 pieces of matte white ceramic crown.

This product must be installed "with the tile installation" and attached with thinset to the backer board. It is best to have crown in hand for exact measurement, add grout line thickness and make pieces of drywall or plywood for correct spacer opening. Insert "spacer"into tile work for later installation of the crown. Stagger crown joints if line up with tile joints is not possible.

installing tile accent spacer

Pictured above is luan plywood "spacer" used fo tile accent spacer. This is the same thing you do with the crown, come back next day to set accent or crown etc. This way you are not trying to set tile over accent that can slip or move.